Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

YouTube video about the deck--Link. Update! 5/20/20 We've had several spoilers for the upcoming FanZ Set 14 release--Showdown! Some of these cards will be finding space in this deck for the upcoming meta, so let's dive in and take a peak at these previously released cards. Saiyan Distortion Drill Ryan gave us this spoiler on … Continue reading Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

FanZ Limited Formats: Set 13 Starter Deck Tournament

For the non-readers, fill out this form to enter the tournament officially.   Limited formats in card games can be some of the funnest tabletop experiences out there. Unfortunately, DBZ has never lent itself well to drafting or having particularly fun sealed events. We've gone through 3 Panini Starters, and while some starters ran sealed … Continue reading FanZ Limited Formats: Set 13 Starter Deck Tournament