DeebZ Scrub OLT 3 Tournament Report – That One Time I Didn’t Scrub Out

DeebZ Scrub

Yesterday the OCTGN League group ran its first OLT that was structured like an IRL event. Rather than our usual method of allowing 1 week for players to get their matches played each round, we did it all in one day. Discord was required for voice chat and I was fully prepared to walk into a giant mess of disorganization and chaos. However thanks to the efforts of Kevin Dennis and Anthony Tardino we had an awesome event that was really a ton of fun and I cannot wait to participate in another! I ran my Amplified Piccolo that I’ve been messing with for the past few months. I’ve never built a deck that flows so well before. Each action I take just flows into the next and there are some sweet synergies that can take a combat from winding down into me advancing a level and taking off with…

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Bama Prix Report: Tyler Steenmeijer Top 4 Blue Frieza

At The Collision Point Blog, Freiza is a personal favorite. I have lists for him in 3 Styles, and there's nothing more satisfying than playing a pseudo control deck only to drop a 20+ life Supernova to seal the game. At the most recent Qualifier (3-09-19 in Birmingham, Alabama), Tyler Steenmeijer brought Blue Protective Frieza … Continue reading Bama Prix Report: Tyler Steenmeijer Top 4 Blue Frieza