Blue Dismissal: FanZ Preview

Preview for FanZ: Blue Dismissal. This card stops a physical attack, gains Majins 2 anger, and can be added to the arsenal of "Copy" cards for Blue Mimicry Mastery.

Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

YouTube video about the deck--Link. Update! 5/20/20 We've had several spoilers for the upcoming FanZ Set 14 release--Showdown! Some of these cards will be finding space in this deck for the upcoming meta, so let's dive in and take a peak at these previously released cards. Saiyan Distortion Drill Ryan gave us this spoiler on … Continue reading Saiyan Dynamic Trunks Overview

Set 12 Black Conflict Pikkon List

Finally! More support for Black Conflict Mastery--the Mastery which won the Tournament of Power, you, no doubt, remember. The Preview! Black Grudge Drill We can immediately see the clear synergy with Conflict Mastery. You can discard this card from hand to place it into play and gain the effects of the Mastery for the Styled … Continue reading Set 12 Black Conflict Pikkon List

Deck List: Red Ruthless Frieza

As set 12 continues to support our lord & savior, let's look at this Red list:  -Red Ruthless Mastery -Frieza--Resident of HFIL -Frieza--Golden -Frieza--Galactic Conqueror -Frieza--RevivedEndurance: 38 total Endurance over 19 different cards. Not bad for a Red deck, but a lot of this Endurance is going to be in and out of the Banished … Continue reading Deck List: Red Ruthless Frieza

Bojack: First Impressions Feeling Blue

As Bojack enters the fray of competition many are speculating as to which Style will be best for the space pirate. While I do think that he will threaten tier 1 status with a few different Masteries, today I will be looking at a Blue build. Bojack's StrengthsReading through his MP stack, Bojack clearly has … Continue reading Bojack: First Impressions Feeling Blue

South Kai Report: Alex Stewart

Undefeated in Swiss: Blue Resourceful Villain Vegeta On Deck Selection I built this Resourceful Majin Vegeta deck a while ago because I wanted to play something in Blue Resourceful but everyone kept ending combat before I could get all of my setups off. I realized that MV level 2 solves that weakness of resourceful decks, … Continue reading South Kai Report: Alex Stewart

The State of Our Supreme Lord and Savior: Frieza

Photo credit: Geokeeno on DeviantArt   There's no MP in this game which I have more pure fun piloting than Frieza. With a few tweaks to his stack from set 1, Frieza could have easily been relevant in every set of Pan/FanZ. Building a Frieza Deck Right now, I believe Frieza is underplayed. He is … Continue reading The State of Our Supreme Lord and Savior: Frieza