How to Play Chane: A Flesh and Bloodbrother’s Guide

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How to play Chane flesh and blood. How to play Chane, Bound by Shadow in Flesh and Blood. How does Chane work? How do Soul Shackle's work?

So, you want to be a Chane player?

Chane uses a complex combination of cards and effects to become more threatening each turn the game progresses.

Soul Shackles. Carrion Husk. Rosetta Thorn. Spellbound Creepers. Instant speed go again for phantom Action Points. 7 card hands. How does this all come together to create a library of pain?

Soul Shackles — The Engine of Chaos

Every single turn, Chane is going to create a Soul Shackle. This gives the next Shadow or Runeblade action go again—allowing you to chain together multiple attacks on demand. When you combine the ability to “Shackle” with cards like Shadow Puppetry, Art of War, and Mauvrion Skies, you overwhelm your opponent with many instances of damage.

Now that we know Chane can “go wide,” attacking multiple times per turn, how do we ensure we have enough attacks in our hand to play? The Soul Shackle demands that, at the start of your turn, Chane must banish the top card of the deck for each Shackle created thus far. Chane players use many attacks which can be played from the banished zone, allowing the Shackle banishes to feed the machine of go again that will be generated each turn.

Carrion Husk — A Knight in Rotten Armor

Carrion Husk from Monarch.

Carrion Husk is one of the most influential pieces of equipment in the game of Flesh and Blood. This Chest armor piece blocks for 6. It blocks for 6! It requires a delicate balance due to the fact you MUST use it to block before you reach 13 life. Experienced players will chip away at your life so that if you aren’t careful, you will have to use your Husk to block a 1-3 damage attack. Regardless, you have access to a 6-defense piece of equipment to block a nasty hit effect when you need it most.

Most Chane players will use Carrion Husk with only 1-2 turns left in the game anyway, so the value of the 6-block is not lost there. Once used, it does go to the banished zone, giving you 1 blood debt at the end of your turns. Chane will always don the Husk unless you are facing a mage.

Rosetta Thorn — Swing for 2 and 2

Rosetta Thorn from Tales of Aria. Notably, every Runeblade has access to this weapon.

Briar gave us the Rosetta Thorn, and Chane said, “Thanks, I’ll take that.”

Rosetta Thorn only costs 1 resource to swing for 2 physical and 2 arcane damage. The requirement for the 2 arcane damage is playing an attack and a non-attack in that turn. Luckily for Chane, it is very simple to play a non-attack action which has go again, create a Soul Shackle, play an attack card from hand (or banished zone), and then swing with the Rosetta Thorn.

Capping off the turn with a split damage attack like that almost always does 2-4 damage. Not everyone runs arcane barrier against Chane. Others will have 1 arcane barrier at most, so damage will be leaking every turn.

Spellbound Creepers — The Phantom of the Action Point

Spellbound Creepers from Tales of Aria.

Here’s an example of how to gain an extra Action Point using the Spellbound Creepers:

After attacking, Chane will pay 1 resource to play Mauvrion Skies as an instant from his hand. This will result in Chane gaining an action point since Mauvrion Skies has go again. Now Chane can attack with another Runeblade or Shadow attack card, Soul Shackle, attack with another Shadow or Runeblade card from hand (or banished zone), and then swing the full-powered Rosetta Thorn.

That is 3 attacks, and a 4 power weapon swing with only 2 cards from the hand if your banished zone is prepped with some blood debt attacks.

Oh, and by the way, you can do this more than once per game if you are leaking arcane damage with the help of your weapon.

And another thing, it can also block for 1 in a pinch or when you are done with them!

The Banished Zone — The Writing on the Wall

The Soul Shackle requires Chane to banish the top card of his deck at the beginning of each turn. The pace throughout the game increases linearly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. On the last couple of turns of the game, you may be banishing 6-7 cards from your deck. Since Chane players will have about 33% of their deck playable from the banish zone, you will be adding 2-4 playable cards to your side of the board every turn.

Welcome to the Library of Pain

Chane Essentials video by Flesh and Bloodbrother Brandon!

In conclusion, Chane uses a multitude of triggers, cards, and effects to overwhelm his opponent each and every turn. The late-game turns are Chane’s opportunity to use 7+ cards at his disposal to break through the opponent’s defenses and close out the game. It can be challenging as a player to remember all of the beginning and end of the turn triggers but do not let that stop you from trying out this relentless hero. If you want a solid foundation for an effective Chane deck of your own, check out this video

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